Is your Office Wi-Fi Hurting Your Business?

A strong wireless network is a great thing. It can boost collaboration, make your visitors feel welcome, and help increase productivity.

If you offer a less than stellar Wi-Fi connection for your employees and guests, you may actually be causing major underlying issues for your team.

Since collaboration directly affects productivity, a strong, reliable, and secure Wireless Network is an absolute must for businesses today, and IT Weapons can help get you there.

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Ready to improve your Wi-Fi? We can help!

Ready to Improve your Office Wi-Fi?

 If you experience dropped connections, dead spots, and intermittent slow downs on your wireless network, then it is time to do something about it. The best way to improve your current solution is to find out what is causing the problem, and that starts with a complete Wireless Assessment.meraki-wireless-wifi

Benefits of a Wireless Assessment

  • The experience of a trained, certified Networking Consultant reviewing your Network
  • A detailed heat map of your entire office, showing you dead and weak spots in your Wi-Fi Signal
  • Detailed documentation, including recommendations, on your entire Wireless Network
  • Receive Industry best practices and recommendations to help improve your signal

Our Consultants are ready to help keep you mobile and productive!


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