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Understanding Tomorrow

Creating a Human Centric and Connected Workplace

Learn the technology trends that are driving transformation in the workplace with Innovation Futurist, Shivvy Jervis.

We're excited to bring you yet another engaging webcast, Understanding Tomorrow: Creating a Human Centric and Connected Workplace with four-time award-winning Innovation Futurist, Shivvy Jervis. Shivvy’s expertise and thought leadership in digital transformation has brought her to some of the world’s biggest stages, with appearances at the United Nations, TED, and the Discovery Channel.


Innovation never sleeps. While today’s operations are critical, the only way to secure success and stability for your business is to anticipate and plan for the ‘next’ – to be future ready.

Ask yourself… What big myths are holding true digital transformation back? Are we ready for another workplace shift? What new advances and creative applications of technological innovation can help our business goals?

Learn from a world-renowned digital expert what steps you can take to prepare your business to face the future with momentum and optimism.

In this Webcast, you will learn:

  • Current business processes that can hinder digital transformation
  • The true importance of embracing a distributed workforce
  • Unique leadership approaches such as the ‘inventor mindset’ and how to think like a Futurist
  • Emerging technologies that you should start considering if you want to thrive in the next five years

The Future of Work is Changing
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Shivvy Jervis
Innovation Futurist