How Secure is Your Company Data?

In today’s world of cybercrime and sophisticated data breaches, there is only one way to provide 100% security for your IT infrastructure…get rid of it.

Unfortunately for the majority of the business world, information technology is essential, and despite best efforts, your sensitive information may be at risk.

With comprehensive Managed Security Services, you can have total insight into your company network, while being alerted to suspicious activity before it can cause irreparable harm to your network and your reputation.

Ready to Improve your Security Posture?

With a range of security services and solutions available, IT Weapons can help you understand the current state of your security perimeter and help you make changes to prepare for the future.

Interested in Improving Data Security?


1 in 960,000

Chances of getting hit
by lightning


1 in 220

Chances of dating
a millionaire


1 in 4

Chances of getting hit by a data breach

IT Weapons can help you take a step forward into the new world of data security with a wide variety of security solutions and services to suit your needs.

IT Security Posture Review

Gain actionable insight on your corporate security footprint with a high-level review of your company’s overall security posture. Aimed at helping you identify areas of concern in your IT ecosystem, our team uses industry best practices to investigate and assess your environment for security gaps and issues across more than 50 parameters, resulting in a detailed report of our findings and recommendations.

Download Our Posture Assessment Handout

Managed Security Services

Trust our team of security experts to deliver 24/7 protection for your systems and critical business data. Backed by sophisticated monitoring and analysis tools, our team of experts will alert you to any suspicious or malicious network activity. In addition, regular reporting will aid your decision making and increase the overall level of visibility into your environment.

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Vulnerability Assessment

Gain a snapshot into the vulnerabilities present on your network with an industry leading IT Weapons Vulnerability Analysis. We’ll discover known external or internal vulnerabilities and help you understand and remediate any potential security problem before hackers and data thieves can reach your sensitive data. Each assessment comes with comprehensive documentation that includes a detailed list of vulnerabilities and our expert advice for remediation.

Security Assessment & Penetration Testing

IT Weapons can conduct a multi-phased security assessment, taking a technical deep dive into many areas of your security environment. Phases can include comprehensive reviews of your network security, web application security, wireless security, physical perimeter security and even security surrounding your users and employees. Do you need to prove to suppliers or auditors that your network is secure? Add comprehensive penetration testing to get a real world view of what hackers see and how it may affect your business.

Security Awareness Training & Testing

Can your employees identify a phishing scam? Is your team following password best practices? Make sure your employees know the ins and outs of information security with Security Awareness Training powered by ITW’s Security experts. Interested in how much employees already know about security awareness? Test their skills with a simulated phishing test and other social engineering tests to find out how likely they are to accidentally reveal sensitive information.


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