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Defending Productivity: Combating Ransomware and Other Cyber Threats

Cyber attacks on Canadian businesses have risen at unprecedented rates in 2019, and many organizations pay a hefty price once they fall victim to a malware attack.

Whether it is the cost associated with recovery, or the dreaded reputation hit that follows, businesses hit by cyber attacks face a host of issues that are extremely hard to recover from.

While threats continue to evolve, one thing remains constant for your business: you need to protect your productivity.

In this prerecorded webcast, true Canadian security experts discuss today’s cyber threat landscape, break down the anatomy of ransomware attack, and cover ways to keep your business safe and employees productive.

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In this webcast, you will learn:

  • Why there has been a rise in Ransomware
  • Who cyber criminals are targeting
  • What preventive measures should be in place
  • What can be done once Ransomware has infected your systems
matt agnew headshot

Matthew Agnew

Solutions & Product Manager, IT Weapons

A Creative Writing graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, Matt spent several years teaching English in South Korea before relocating to Toronto in 2011. Matt is responsible for working with our technical teams on the development and management of new and emerging technology solutions at IT Weapons.


Scott Anderson

Manager, Compliance, IT Weapons

For over 20 years, Scott has lead compliance risk assessment practices for Canadian businesses. As a compliance expert, Scott is crucial in discovering future potential risk sources, while keeping the business compliant with constantly evolving regulations and privacy laws.