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Cyber Security 

A Conversation with Canadian Security Experts

Ever wonder what keeps other security and IT professionals awake at night?  Listen to our webcast to learn modern perspectives on evolving threat vectors and other security concerns.

In this webcast recording, you'll hear from two information security professionals who are challenged everyday to secure and improve security and compliance for a national organization that is responsible for countless personal records and sensitive data.  

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In this webcast, you will learn:

  • What keeps security professionals up at night
  • Tips and tricks for keeping your business safe
  • Examples on what types of Secure Awareness Campaigns work, and those that do not

Huw Evans

Manager, Security. IT Weapons

Huw Evans has been with IT Weapons in his capacity as Principal Security Consultant for over ten years, and is an expert in cutting-edge information security services, including penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. Huw created ITW’s Security Consulting practice, and currently heads internal security standards, including policies, procedures, technologies and change management procedures.


Scott Anderson

Manager, Compliance, IT Weapons

For over 20 years, Scott has lead compliance risk assessment practices for Canadian businesses. As a compliance expert, Scott is crucial in discovering future potential risk sources, while keeping the business compliant with constantly evolving regulations and privacy laws.