Planning for the future with Microsoft End of Support Products.
Are You Ready for the End?

New Microsoft products, such as Windows Server and Exchange, are typically supported by Microsoft for 10 years. With this lengthy coverage period, many people are often caught unprepared when Microsoft cuts all lines of support, including critical security updates, for their popular products.

Don't get caught unprepared. We can help!

What do I need to upgrade?


    Product     Expiration Date
    Windows Server
    Windows Server 2008    Jan 14th, 2020    End of Extended Support*
    Windows Server 2008 R2    Jan 14th, 2020    End of Extended Support*
    Operating Systems
    Windows 7 SPI    Jan 14th, 2020    End of Extended Support*
    Internet Explorer
    Internet Explorer 10    Jan 31st, 2020    End of Extended Support*
    Exchange Server
    Exchange Server 2010    Oct 13th, 2020    End of Extended Support*
    Microsoft Office
    Office 2010    Oct 13th, 2020    End of Extended Support*


*Once a product has surpassed Extended support, critical security updates and product support will no longer be available.

If you are using any of the above products, then it is time to hit the ground running with a plan for staying secure and compliant once these products are no longer supported by Microsoft.


Why do I need to upgrade?

Unsupported systems can represent one of the most significant risks for your organization. Without new Security Updates from Microsoft, your systems will be vulnerable to new and emerging threats could compromise your business, leading to intrusions, data theft, and even possible downtime.

Keep your business safe and running smoothly with the latest Microsoft has to offer. With nearly 20 years experience in server infrastructure, IT Weapons and our dedicated Microsoft Technologies Consultants can help you reap the benefits of Microsoft’s newest solutions, keeping you and your team safe and productive.


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