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How Cyber Criminals Think

An In-Depth Look at Defending Your Business

Watch Cyber Security expert Michael Bazzell as he demonstrates the methods employed by today’s cybercriminals.

We recently had an informative and one-of-a-kind session with Michael Bazzell where we focused on the latest insights on cybercrime.

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As a true Cyber Crime Expert, Michael Bazzell has seen it all. From spending 18 years as an investigator on the FBI's Cyber Crime Task Force, to being a technical advisor on the award-winning television hacker drama, Mr. Robot, Michael possesses a deep understanding of how hackers think and work.

How Cyber Criminals Think: An In-depth Look at Defending Your Business, gives real business recommendations from a modern cybersecurity expert. When facing a relentless security landscape, understanding the motivations, methods, and mindset of cyber criminals is an invaluable toolset for any business leader, making our recent webcast a must-see for any business interested in cyber security.

In this Webcast, you will learn:

  • Recent trends regarding online fraud and computer intrusion
  • How cyber criminals steal your valuable business data
  • Insights on password hacking and phishing techniques
  • How these threats can be stopped.
  • How to modify common habits to best protect yourself from the next attack

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michael bazzell
Michael Bazzell
Cyber Crime Professional