Staying Safe in the New Normal

Unfortunately, this webcast has already come and gone.  

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On Feb 24th, join us and Social Engineering wiz Rachel Tobac for an exclusive live hacking demonstration and discussion.


As we all try and put the dumpster fire we called 2020 behind us, let’s start 2021 smarter, more educated, and ready to defend our businesses and information to the best of our collective abilities.

During this hands-on experience, Rachel will show you actual techniques a hacker would use to steal your data…yes it will be scary, but you won’t want to miss this exclusive, one-time event!

Rachel's fun and fast-paced hacker insight will arm you with current examples of real attacks. You’ll leave this session with the skills, scripts, and best practices to stop hackers as soon as possible.

In this Webcast, you will learn:

  • How social engineering works and what you can do to prevent it
  • Actual hacking techniques from one of the good ones (an ethical hacker…go figure)
  • Modern ways to keep yourself and your business safe

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