Spaces, Technology, and People: How the Digital Workplace Impacts Culture and Governance

Thursday, September 23, 2021
1:00PM EST

The workplace has become more connected than ever.

Change is happening at never-before-seen speeds.

You've probably even attended a couple of webinars with speakers talking about how these changes are affecting strategies, forecasts, and business growth.

But who's thinking of the people?

One of the most overlooked areas in digital transformation is corporate culture. Some may even think:

  • Now that the pandemic is wrapping up, won't the workplace just go back to normal?
  • Won't corporate culture just happen naturally?
  • Can't we just give people the latest technology and let the rest sort itself out?

But that's not you. You know it's not that easy. 


Join us and our special guest, Digital Anthropologist Giles Crouch. He specializes in helping organizations analyze past trends to affect future change.

We'll cover topics like:

  • "Email Health Checks": How one email can impact corporate culture, how gossip and office politics happen in the digital workplace, and how to identify those most resistant to change.
  • "Corporate Governance": Why corporate by-laws need to be constantly updated for board directors, and how leaders can create sensible HR policies to deal with a digital world beyond just social media.
  • "Ethnography in the Digital Workplace": Gain actionable insights distilled from over a decade of Giles’ anthropological studies of the modern workplace. Before you start your next IT project or digital transformation, learn how you can leverage these findings to maximize employee buy-in, craft change management strategies and deploy with the highest chance of success.

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Giles W. Crouch
Digital Anthropologist | Chief Digital Officer | Polymath | Strategist

For the past 25 years, Giles Crouch has been bringing technology products to market as an international marketing executive. Over the past decade, his Digital Anthropology work has centred on helping organizations and governments fully realize their digital potential. Giles specializes in assisting executives in turning digital theory into actionable insights, focusing on business strategy, governance, transformations, and culture.  

A regular on both Canadian and International news programs, over 100 events have now featured Giles speaking on the intersection of humans and technology. He has lead ground-breaking digital research (netnography) that has informed both Canadian and Norwegian foreign policy and helped several major brands uncover new opportunities. His first book, “2nd Adaptation: How Humanity Can Survive the Digital Age,” comes out in late 2022.


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