Is Your Information on the Dark Web?

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When private data gets leaked through data breaches or other targeted attacks, it eventually finds its way to the darkest crevasse of the internet…the Dark Web.


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Why should you be scared of the Dark Web?

Once your information is on the Dark Web, cyber criminals will sell your personal data to the highest bidder. When your information has been purchased it can be used to steal your identity and cause harm to your business.

Benefits of a Dark Web Scan

  • Discover if your business is currently being compromised by cyber criminals
  • Help assess your current level of risk
  • Create an action plan for keeping your business safe in the future

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Did you know that the public facing Web makes up less than 5% of the entire internet?
The Equifax breach cost the company over $4 billion in total.
In companies with over 50k compromised records, the average cost of a data breach is $6.3 million.

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