Baseline Phishing Test

Test your Security Awareness Plan. Educate Employees. Stay Safe.

Evaluate your organization’s level of phishing awareness with a Baseline Phishing Test. Your employees are the last line of defense against phishing, so make sure they have the training and know-how to recognize and stop these attacks before it's too late.

Starting from $1500

*Subject to number of user accounts

Assessing Your Phishing Preparedness Starts Now

Ransomware starts with a successful phishing scam.

With phishing being one of the most prominent cybersecurity threats to organizations today, your employees may be at risk. If your team cannot identify common phishing tactics, your business could face major disruptions, data loss, and a huge hit to your reputation.

Benefits of a Baseline Phishing Test

With a Baseline Phishing Test, you can quickly evaluate your organization’s overall security knowledge. This can help you identify key areas of focus, such as which team members or departments may be at risk. It can also help highlight issues that may require immediate attention.

The Baseline Phishing Test Includes: 

  • A one time, simulated phishing test designed to mimic a realistic phishing email
  • A Phishing Score, highlighting how your business fared compared to industry averages
  • A one-on-one session with an IT Weapons Security Expert

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What is Phishing?

Phishing is a method used by cybercriminals to send out malware or ransomware and to steal private information using malicious links that are embedded in legitimate looking emails. With time, attackers have evolved phishing into more sophisticated forms such as:


Spear Phishing

A form of phishing that is targeted a specific individual or organization


A phishing attack that is sent via text message Instead of email



An even more specific phishing attack that targets senior executives


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